Tips to Sell a House Faster
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Tips to Sell a House Faster

How to sell a home fast. How to add curb appeal to a house for sale. How to make a house look better for selling it. Tips to have an open house. Tips for selling a home. How to add value to your home to get a quick sale for a good price. Learn how to make your house look better when selling.

If you are in a rush to sell your home here are some quick tips to improve the appearance of your home that you can do yourself without spending a lot of cash. These tips are ultimately designed to improve the look of your house so potential buyers stay interested, but may also increase the value of your home, if only slightly.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is how well your house looks from the street. It is very important that the house and yard look good, not only is this the first impression, but some people do not even want to see more if they see a bad exterior.

Some things you cannot help, such as the shape, and style, of your home, but other things you can improve. If the lawn needs mowing, mow it. If the trim around the door and window needs painting, paint it (and be sure to pick a good color). If there are weeds in the flower bed, weed them. You can even punch up drab looking flower beds by adding a few good quality fake flowers. Trim any over grown hedges and remove all kids toys from the front yard.

The front door should be inviting. Adding something seasonal can make the front entry more appealing, a large potted plant, a wreath, or even a Welcome mat.

Inside the Home

Many homes have smells their owners do not notice, especially if the home owners have pets, young children, or do a lot of cooking. Be sure to open many windows to let fresh air flow into the home. Remove sources of odors when possible. Use boxes of baking soda hidden discretely to absorb other odors in the home (cat litter, diaper pail, cooking).

Remove clutter. You might think you have “collectibles” but to home buyers it just looks like clutter and distracts them from the overall look of your house. If you do not have a space to hide things pack them in boxes and put them neatly in the garage or in a rental storage unit. This also includes extra clothing from your closet and so forth.

Declutter the kitchen counter. Kitchens are one thing that can make, or break, the sale of a home. Your kitchen should look big, clutter on the counter can really hurt the appeal of your kitchen. Keep it clean too, no dishes in the sink ever!

Keep kids rooms tidy too, toys need to be put away. Remove posters from the wall. Keep the room simple so prospective buyers can imagine this room as one of their children's rooms, being aware that children come in different ages and genders, a room that is decorated too specific might be a psychological turn off to some buyers.

Keep the bathrooms in good order, everything should be clean and the counters should be clear.

Window treatments should be light. If you have heavy window treatments you may want to remove them in favor of something more shear.

Keep the house as clean as you can at all times, use home staging to your advantage.

Quick Tips for Showing

If a showing is expected you may want to light a soy candle ideally in a citrus scent as these appeal to most people, some people do not like flowery smelling candles. Turn on some lights to make the house look brighter, and open windows where you can.

Remove pets and litter boxes from the home when a showing is expected.

Other Tips for a Quick Sale

For a quick sale you need to have a reasonable price.  A real estate agent can get you a faster sale as well, particularly if they have prequalified buyers.  If you want a quick sale you must be flexible on your price, and terms.

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