Selling Your Own Home-How to Make the Most Going For Sale by Owner
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Selling Your Own Home-How to Make the Most Going For Sale by Owner

Selling Your own home in a buyer's market can be difficult. Three easy tips to help you get the most money when selling your home, brought to you by Homes By Owner. Private Sale Consultants trained to help you sell your own home fast.

In a real estate market that has become as unpredictable as ours here on the East Coast of Canada, getting top dollar for your home or property can prove beyond frustrating.

For a home seller, venturing into these water can be difficult at best. We have spoken with industry experts in the field of real estate, appraisals, and mortgage financing, to find out what the private seller can do to lessen the road blocks to achieving top dollar for their home.

Price it right…before you start. According to many leading experts in the field of real estate in the Maritimes, the most important check mark on any sellers list, especially when dealing with a volatile market. When mortgage money is hard to come by, and lending policies are tight at best, the last thing a private seller needs is a visit from an appraiser halfway through the deal that tells him the home isn’t worth the agreed upon purchase price. Their recommendation…do it right the first time. Do you homework, enlist the services of an appraiser to help you determine fair market value. At HomesByOwner, through our service partners, we can provide you, the home seller, with an affordable, desk top appraisal report, prepared by experienced and licensed appraisers that will provide you solid information for the effective pricing of your property.

Keep it Clean…As listing inventory rises, and buyers have more to choose from, you want to ensure your showing your home for all it’s worth. This may mean going to friends or family for an outside opinion of your housekeeping skills (by times, not the easiest thing to do…or admit to!) You don’t want to risk losing a buyer because the garage smells like Rover (and you had no clue!) or worse…garbage, because hubby didn’t get it to the curb on time. Sounds simple enough, but many Realtors (R) will tell you, not everybody get’s it! Hire a housecleaning service if you have to. The hundreds you may have to pay is nothing compared to the thousands it may cost you in negotiation your sale price.

Fix what’s broken, or disclose the problem at the beginning. Don’t let your potential purchaser lose faith and trust in you as a home seller by not disclosing you ha water in the basement or a roof leak. Be up front and honest, so when Mr. Building Inspector comes along, your potential purchasers are already aware of the problems he may discover. This gives them the time to prepare, to research cost, and most of all, it gives them the time to realize that it’s really not that big a deal after all!

Price is right, keep it clean, and maintain your integrity when showing your home to potential purchasers. The three most important aspects in getting top dollar for your home. As a HomesByOwner customer, you also have the option of involving one of our licensed Realtor (R) partners to post your listing to the MLS (TM) service. As a final recommendation, should you choose to pursue this service, may we suggest you offer the selling real estate agent a commission for bringing you an acceptable offer? Being on MLS (TM) is one thing, but you will not get the licensed real estate professional showing your home to their buyers, unless you offer them compensation. Something to think about if your going to invest your money in the MLS (TM) packageIn a real estate market that has become volitile at best. Visit the private sale experts at Homes By Owner to learn more about selling your own home.

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