How To List A House To Sell: The Big Three
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How To List A House To Sell: The Big Three

Using these facts, your real estate agent and some planning, you will learn how to list your house to sell. In the difficult economic situations facing people now, it is important to learn how to have the edge so your real estate property sells soon and for the price as close as possible to what you need.

Through an interview with a seasoned seventeen year veteran in real estate, you will learn how to list a house to sell it. Even if you employ a real estate broker to assist you, these big three facts can prepare you to be at the lawyer's table signing closing papers earlier than if you hadn't read this.

Reality is a place to discover when you want to sell a house. Getting to that place takes some planning so your asking price will meet with the buyer and the deal can be sealed soon. Here are recommendations to hone in on reality in your neighborhood.

1. Market conditions

During the research you do to determine what similar homes to yours are selling for, look for the open house events to actually see inside to compare your house strengths against what you see elsewhere. Inquire at reliable realty companies regarding these open house dates to see them when they are offered and to also ask questions at those events. Get business cards for future reference to consider agents when you place your property for sale.

Scan Internet, realty magazines, newspapers and pick up local print outs in "take one" boxes at houses on the market to compare your house and what is available. Don't limit this to only immediate neighborhood. Similar properties might just be located several miles away that will bring you closer and quicker to a real market price that you can ask for your home.

Rely on the strength of the realtor who has had a strong record of sales in your area. This can be done by visiting real estate offices or on the computer online. Professionalism and trust are vital characteristics in an agent you need when you want to sell your house. At least seriously listen to their advice.

2. Real estate prices

Request sales and list prices of the houses sold in your estimated asking price range. This is two fold since the sale and list price might be different. In addition your comparisons will set your price pretty close to a good real estate price to ask for your property when you view the sold properties.

Look at the DOM (days on the market) for real estate that has sold and impending sales as well. Compile the average DOM to gain insight for your realty transaction. Factor in your desired time frame to price your home to sell with average DOM or fewer than that.

Be realistic with your price. An extremely high price or even one over-priced by a medium margin might sit longer than it should than if successfully listed within reason at the onset of the listing. Be willing to reduce price when your real estate person recommends that.

3. Make your house stand out

Start taking notes of the many benefits of your home as you are living in it now. Those might be just the selling point to encourage a buyer. Expand upon those items beyond the house to the neighborhood and county too.

Compile a list of improvements made within the last 5 years or less that will be selling points. Include dates and prices and with what companies those were made so prospective owners can learn about proud home ownership with maintenance and replacements you did.

Be aware of your surrounding neighborhood with the close proximity to gym, tennis clubs, bus stops, street lights, fire hydrant, fire house location and other important living comforts your house offers.

Perhaps the most important preparations for home owners are to create curb appeal, first steps inside to be welcoming and for a home to be clean and pleasant smelling. Get ready with this list of how to list a house to sell.

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Comments (12)

Great info.

I love this one since I am a Realtor! Very good advise to all sellers.....

Some very good points you have laid out.

Very informative input on home selling, great job Roberta.

Great points to consider for anyone wanting to sell their home.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight.

Thank you for sharing great information with all of us.

Very good advice. Thank you, Roberta.

Right on target! I agree that curb appeal is more important than sellers realize.  If a house is unappealing on the outside, potential buyers may never bother to take a look on the inside.  Great tips here.

Great list Roberta.

good advice especially the one about the  house

Make your house stand out from the crowd! Good advice and well presented. 

Thanks for this real estate information. (Re-visiting!)